2nd Annual Girls’ Weekend: Manicures Gone Wild

A few weeks ago I hosted 50 Shades of Purple Girls’ Weekend, which I’m happy to report looks like it’s well on its way to becoming a thing we do at least every year. In 2011, the weather was foggy and damp, and though we still had oodles of fun, we missed the sun.

This time, there was nary a cloud in the sky and the temps were a perfect 80 degrees. Not only was this perfect basking weather, it’s great for making sure your nail polish dries fast. And we needed that badly, because no one likes to squeeze a lime into their cocktail with wet polish, amirightoramiright?

So, without further adieu, girls weekend summed up in three photos:

We each brought out nail polish collections to the cabin, then proceeded to go absolutely berserk — with not just our manicures but our consumption of junk food. We all seemed to own at least several shades of purple, hence our new name.

Our stunning handiwork. One of us was gracious enough to sacrifice photographic evidence of her hands in order to hold the camera.

While he is not genetically female, we still allowed Charlie to attend.

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