Tucked-Away NY Gem: Kim’s Korean Farm Resort

Not far from our cabin is Kim’s Farm Resort, owned by the friendly and affable Mr. and Mrs. Kim. Their business caters to ethnic Koreans who live in the New York City area, drawing them mostly on weekends for picnicking, fishing in their stocked trout pond, target shooting, and learning about traditional Korean farming.

We first met the Kims not long after we moved in, when Mr. Kim dropped off two giant daikon radishes while our friend John was visiting.

Giant diakon radishes (the ones with the green stalks, not the ones wearing hats.)

Earlier this year, we learned they had a part-time restaurant at their farmhouse, so we made a reservation, and enjoyed an incredible, very traditional Korean meal — and brought John along, too. (If you look at their web site, you’ll see they have photos of eels, boars and chicken. We were only served chicken, though I really want to try freshwater eel.)

We got our reservation time messed up and showed up too early. We walked around the property to kill time. Yes, pretty!

Our meal started with homemade rice wine. Slightly cloudy, and with a distinctive rice flavor, but similar to white wine. The Kims also are brewing sweet ginseng whiskey, which wasn’t quite ready yet to sample. The glass says “Pride of New York,” likely related to an agricultural progam for local farmers/growers/brewers.

This rice porridge was served piping hot, and stayed warm throughout our meal.

For just three of us, we were served nearly two whole chickens: One mild version, served with sweet ginseng root, and one spicy (this one), served with tomatoes, potatoes and a few other veggies.

John, surrounded by food. You can see the mild chicken dish and three types of salads. (Sidenote: My favorite photo of John is this one of him hesitantly staring down a Bulgarian shashlik.)

As part of recent visit, we also got to meet this shy new mother dog, a member of the rare Punsang breed. Legend has it that Punsangs were traditionally bred to FIGHT TIGERS in North Korea. I didn’t take a photo of her six adorable puppies, writhing nearby in their doghouse, because why irritate a mother that can take down a Siberian tiger?

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