Te Amo, Mexico City

We lived in Mexico City for two and a half years, from 2007-2010, and we’ve been away that long, too. Missing many things, mostly of the edible sort, and friends, we finally returned this weekend.

As Brendan said, it was a strange trip, full of vague familiarities and long-forgotten moments that only being here could dredge up. We walked all over our old neighborhood, La Condesa, and nearby Roma, reliving memories like passing the weary semi-street dog who hangs out in front of a ceramics store on the way to our favorite mercado. He’s still there, but now he sports a sweater:


And the Mercado Medellin was chock full of fun memories, like the times we enjoyed freshly squeezed juices before shopping for produce:



We also stocked up on powdered moles and our favorite bulk snacks (dried mango slices in chile powder and fava beans in chile powder), sending me on a flashback of our nights playing dominoes with friends.


After wandering through the mercado, we sat outside in the perfect weather and ordered micheladas and tequilas. The smell alone of limes and tequila floods my mind with tropical music, cactus growing on mountains, and swinging wooden doors.


Brendan got a 20-peso ($1.60) shoeshine from one of the roaming shoeshiners. Since he worked in an office, where shoeshiners were always available, B knew how to ask for a “bola” – a new term for me.


On our last full day, we ate tacos, then ate some more tacos (we literally had two lunches – first Mexico City style tacos and then Yucatecan style!) and tried to walk it off by doing a huge loop around Condesa, admiring the wild mix of architecture.


Next time we visit, I hope we haven’t let as much time pass by, as Mexico feels as home to me as anywhere else, just with better tacos.

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