Post-Sandy Photos from my Queens Block

Brendan and I will do a larger survey of our little corner of Astoria, Queens, later today, but this is what I saw (and heard) this morning. Overall, not too bad considering how other parts of the city fared.

[This weekend, we’ll find out what awaits us two hours upstate, where we own a home. Last year, it weathered Hurricane Irene amazingly well, though that storm was a lot more rainy than windy. She caused flooding on our street, which resulted in lots of weird debris in our creek.]

This is a common scene in Queens today, and a terrible advertisement for covering up your brick home in aluminum siding.

Another common scene across the Northeast today. This young tree a block away from us didn’t make it, one of many. I hope these can be replanted and saved, but probably not?

Our block fared pretty well — no trees down, no cars damaged, no flooding. Just lots of leaves.

And this, well, this is why I couldn’t sleep last night. Yes, I’m grateful this is the only reason why!

6 thoughts on “Post-Sandy Photos from my Queens Block

  1. Naomi says:

    Thanks for the update. I feel for all New Yorkers and others impacted. We had a huge flood in Nashville a few years ago and it took nearly a year to recover. We needed thousands of volunteers to help people clean and repair their homes, and that was just Nashville, nothing the size of New York. Swamping basements and electrical equipment really took down many commercial buildings for repairs for months, including our Sympthony Hall. I wish you the best.

  2. Jim McLean says:

    Forget the post I just left out on your Facebook page, the information here has put me at ease about your’s and Brendan’s welfare. I’ll be checking back for updates.

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