Things I learned while trapped at Petco

I needed to get the elderly puppeh a new harness, so I went to Union Square‘s Petco on my lunch break. Lightning, thunder, boom: Suddenly, it was raining cats and dogs (oh, har har har, cough, wheeeeeze).

Given my distaste for getting drenched, I decided to shelter-in-place and wandered downstairs to the endlessly fascinating basement floor, where I picked up a few new factoids for if I ever make it onto Jeopardy:


They make little one-size-fits-all hats for little rodents!


And wedding dresses. Or maybe christening gowns? Either way, I want to attend the celebration.


Rabbits can be adopted, and Bagel is the most furtastic rabbit name ever.


Wow: The Petco rodent menagerie gets more respect (and is better fed…and better dressed) than patients at the hospital I gave birth at.


Wait, what’s that about the hospital? Oh, let’s not open that can of…whoa! It’s a real thing?! Grodes!


Clownfish are the George Clooneys of the aquarium aisle. Hello, handsome.


Poor Betta fish: As a kid, I pitied their miserable experience. Sad to see they’re still the common peasants of the aquarium aisle, and they’ve been downgraded to living in take-out containers.

2013-09-12 13.49.56

But let’s not end on that sad note. Three words: GUINEA PIG HARNESSES!

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