Beck covering Bowie’s Sound and Vision? Yes please.

Being the technologically advanced people that we are, we quit Time Warner Cable TV (kiss my grits, TWC!) and now rely solely on our Roku and Chromecast. (Yet, suckily, we still have to pay TWC for internet b/c Fios nor RNC service our tiny pocket of Astoria, even though they are available three blocks away. What are we, chopped liver?)

Anyhoo, the world didn’t crumble when we cut off cable. There’s a whole world of internet TV! And did you know the kids these days watch music videos on a service known as Vevo?

While it’s heartbreaking to see “Wrecking Ball” as the #1 video, Vevo’s inventory is pretty satisfying and fun to browse. Brendan stumbled upon our favorite Scientologist–Beck–covering my favorite David Bowie song, “Sound and Vision.” It’s like tequila and Texas fresh ruby red grapefruits. Or Christmas at Rebecca’s house. Or the undiscovered part of the Yucatan in the off season. Or, upstate New York in July.

Meaning, even if this is basically a way for Lincoln to get us X-Gens aware of its cars (they sponsored the concert series), this is A Perfect Combination, A Home Run, Clearly Sent From the Jesus who lives above Linda’s Hair Salon.

And the original song:

Also, an excellent backgrounder and essay on the song.

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