An Open Letter to My Dog After the Birth of my First Child

While my pup isn’t very well behaved, so much of this resonated with me that I got all teary. He’s nearly 14! And this undoubtedly has been a hard year for him emotionally, probably the worst of his life. As I said in the first few weeks after Adela arrived, he got demoted.

The Ugly Volvo

Dear Tig,

Here’s a list of things for which I want to apologize:

theuglyvolvo dog open letter 7

1.  I’m sorry for every time I loop your leash around the doorknob and hurriedly say, “Two minutes!  I’m going to take you outside in two minutes!”  Because I am not going to do that.  You know, as you watch me struggling to get the baby into the carrier, realizing that he’s not wearing socks and also that he’s just wet himself, that it is going to be closer to fifteen minutes.  Possibly 20 minutes.  Once in a while, forty minutes goes by and you sit, patiently waiting, attached to the door.  And I walk back into the living room to see you sitting there and yell, “Oh my god Tig, I completely forgot about you!”  And you very politely turn yourself so you’re facing the door, which is the dog way of saying, “I know you…

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