It’s not summer until…

…I converse with the hummingbirds. This year we’ve got a particularly aggressive male staking claim on the feeder that we hang outside our kitchen window (it makes washing dishes actually enjoyable).

Rain or shine, he hides on a low branch of our rose of sharon tree and waits. If any others approach (all females), he attacks them. Then, later, he tries to mate with them, doing his crazy u-shaped mating swoop dance. Typical.



Those puffy little white feathers behind his legs just slay me. And those are spider webs you see surrounding him, plus drops of rain.

What’s always so jarring is their neck plumage, which glows in the right light (you can see little beads of rain on this head, too!).


Oh, and a goldfinch stopped by.


A two-year-old’s sunny outlook on rainy weather

A toddler teaches you that a (warm, gentle) rainfall is nothing to avoid. On Sunday, when the weather went from splendidly sunny to soggy, Adela didn’t care. She still wanted to be outside and explore, and enjoy the weird sensation of little drops of rain landing on her hair, skin and clothes. So I stood in the drizzle with her, and even took a couple of pictures that I’d normally not have photographed, because I’d be inside, staying dry. It’s a small trade-off for avoiding a tantrum, and it actually turned out to be fun.

A garden-variety hangs from her invisible web.

A garden-variety spider hangs from her invisible web. Adela calls all spiders “itsy-bitsy” and will not stop saying it until one of us confirms that yes, she’s indeed looking at a real-life spider.

We've got a big crop of oxeye daisies this year (they're invasive, sadly).

We’ve got a big crop of oxeye daisies this year (they’re invasive, sadly).