6 thoughts on “Adela, two-and-a-half

  1. Paula says:

    Adorbs! I just read your article about your delivery and post partum experience and I was deeply moved. Although my “baby” just turned 18 a few weeks ago your story reminded me so much of mine and I felt overwhelmed with sadness and grief as if it was yesterday. I had a very similar experience and spent the first months of mommy-hood on Harvey doses of BP meds and having panic attacks because I was convinced I was going to have a stroke and die that I couldn’t be alone for fear I would leave my baby unattended. Absolutely one of the worse experience of my life and no one explained to me what was happening to my body or my mind (and I am a nurse!) it’s sad healthcare hasn’t advanced at all. Keep writing and enjoy that beautiful baby they grow up sooooooo fast! Xo

  2. Carla Freeman says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I had an emergency C-section with my first child after being sick for weeks and finally being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome (a variant of preeclampsia), all while under going regular prenatal care. The experience was a terrifying and what I felt was a traumatic introduction to motherhood (gratefully, both I and baby were fine). After so much fear and scrutiny with my second child (daughter who is almost three), I also had terrible panic attacks and had to see get help managing anxiety right after her birth. I don’t know another mother who had this kind of experience, and your story helped me know I am not the only woman who didn’t have a euphoric newborn experience. Thank you for helping me feel less abnormal. I am sorry that happened to you. You sound like a strong mom for having made it through all that and having the courage to share it.

    • Joy Victory says:

      Thank you so much for contacting me. I had a hunch the the biggest impact my story would have is with fellow moms who saw themselves in my story–which makes it all worth it. (I’m too pessimistic about the medical system to think my story will do much to fix a broken system, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)

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