‘New Guidelines Nudge Doctors to Give Patients Access to Records’ (guess how much mine cost to order?)

Very pleased to see this report from the NYT. Link below. But first, my story.

It cost me $400 to order my complete maternal care record, along with Adela’s NICU chart–just one of many outrageous failures in patient care I experienced with Columbus Circle ob/gyn (now operating under a new name in a new office) and St Luke Roosevelt Hospital.

On five separate occasions, I had to separately order 1) my prenatal chart, 2) my first triage visit chart (<– which was the nail in the coffin in my case, revealing how the midwife fucked up and sent me home with abnormal vital signs), 3) my hospital chart, 4) my postpartum chart and 5) Adela's chart.

At .75 cents a page and hundreds of pages–many of which were repetitive, pointless or hilariously illuminating of the quality of care I received, like the false and absurd automated documentation of 7 different shift nurses confirming they showed me how to do Kegels when I got home–this was a costly task, in so many ways.

But am I glad I harassed the medical records dept? Yes, because it helped me write my story in Cosmo magazine.

Anyway, the article:

New Guidelines Nudge Doctors to Give Patients Access to Medical Records http://nyti.ms/1ljac55

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