Winter highlights from our new trail cam

My parents got us a terrific gift for Xmas this year–a trail cam! We set it up in December at our upstate property (90 mins from NYC) and let it do its thing unattended until April.

The most notable thing it recorded? The lack of an actual winter. Over four months of photos, only once did snow appear in the background. Yikes. So, perhaps it’s not surprising that the camera caught quite a few critters out and about, day and night, who make frequent use of our driveway…

STC_0257 (1)



Oh yay! It’s a…oh, just the neighbor’s dog.


But wait, this is more interesting–a coyote, in the cold rain.


An elusive coyote, again. Only partially photographed, though…(look over on the far right, top part of the driveway.)


And here’s a raccoon.


And of course, deer. (Lots and lots of deer. So. Many. Deers.)


More deer.