I was on NPR’s Weekend Edition!!!

“Swaddling – wrapping a baby up very snuggly so that only its head is left out – that can be just the thing to calm a fussy baby. But a recent article in the journal Pediatrics explored the connection between swaddling babies and SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, and prompted a lot of horrifying headlines.

“Well, rest easy, parents. Joy Victory who is the deputy managing editor at HealthNewsReview.org dug through the study and the subsequent headlines, and she found nothing to be alarmed about. She joins us now. Welcome.”



One thought on “I was on NPR’s Weekend Edition!!!

  1. Ed from Texas says:

    Congrats! That is really cool! You are now officially an expert in parenting matters. I like the fact that you kept the tone of your voice at the appropriate NPR level. Ironically the other day I was speaking to my radiologist friend that has a newborn and he mentioned the same thing about swaddling. Your reporting style will need to become more fear-mongering and alarmist if you ever hope to be an expert on Fox News!

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