Autumn leaf mandalas 

I had fun collecting and sorting these freshly fallen autumn leaves into mandalas. I did this on a patio on a windy day in upstate New York, so they were quite ephemeral–scattering away moments after I took photos. Tree species include hornbeam, sugar maple and Norway maple, mulberry, tulip, sassafras, and white oak. 

A different mood with a vignette filter:

And why stop there? Let’s collage it and create a quilt:

Happy Samhain to all those who celebrate! Y feliz dia de Los Muertos, por cierto. 

0 thoughts on “Autumn leaf mandalas 

  1. yoyomar says:

    Wow–these are beautiful. In an odd twist of fate, this arrived the same day I spent way too long sticking red maple leaves under Adela’s pumpkin. I’ll send a picture mañana.


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