Day one in Mexico City with a 3 year old (aka, are we nuts? Quizas. ) 

The last time we were in Mexico City I was about six weeks pregnant. 

Now we’re back, for a month! With Adela, at the peak age when children throw major tantrums. Adventurous? Yes. Hopefully not disastrous too. Vamos a ver.  

The plane ride was uneventful, until Adela barfed repeatedly on her and me. Somewhere in an Aeromexico rubbish bin exists her clothes and my sweater.  

Today started off great, we went to Jardin Pushkin and checked out the new playground. Then, when she decided she wanted “Elsa ice cream” and we got her regular ice cream, a massive violent tantrum ensued. Orale,  it goes down as her worst one so far, with a stunned audience of lunch workers to gawk as she tore off her shoes and socks and writhed on the sidewalk, screaming. 

(Mommy panicked a little, I’ll be honest.)

But that was followed by a great afternoon at another playground, and a full comida corrida that cost 180 pesos, or $9 for the whole family. Adela even tried tacos dorados de papas! Now she’s playing with her toys at our lovely airbnb. 

One thought on “Day one in Mexico City with a 3 year old (aka, are we nuts? Quizas. ) 

  1. Ed from Texas says:

    Nice! I just got back from a wedding in Mexico City. Martha forwarded me some advice from her trip. What a great city! Enjoy the delightful weather!

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