We moved to Austin!

After nearly 15 years in NYC (and three in Mexico City), Brendan, Adela and I threw in the towel and moved to a place voted…

  • “theĀ best city to live in
  • “the best city for jobs”
  • “the best city for music” (<–duhhhhh)
  • “the best city for relocating families” yet also “the best city for singles”

We’re one of many new families to the city–because Austin also is “the fastest growing city.” (Seems like we’re not unique in liking warm weather, lots of parks, a progressive, laid-back vibe, a diverse population, and more cultural activities than we could possible attend, all awash in friendly Texas culture.)

Oh, to top it off, we’ve got siblings, cousins, second cousins and dozens of friends living here, too!