When the truth hurts, but must be reported anyway

ALS patient Chris Simon

I’ve been terribly remiss keeping this blog updated. That’s because I stay very busy editing and writing for HealthNewsReview.org, where I’m the deputy managing editor, while also trying to be a good parent, spouse and citizen of Austin in my downtime. Blogging for fun has taken a backseat to life, in other words.

But yesterday I wrote a HealthNewsReview.org blog post about a new ALS drug (Radicava) that I wanted to share with my readers (if I have any left after so much silence on my end):

Facts about the new ALS drug Radicava that you’re unlikely to see in news stories

The post touches upon so many problems with American healthcare these days, and how patients suffer as a result. Ineffective, expensive drugs are becoming commonplace. The last line of defense against a crumbling system are journalists, who in this case didn’t uncover the truth about Radicava.

For the post, I interviewed ALS patient Chris Simon, who manages to keep a good sense of humor and a sunny disposition while struggling with a relentless and vicious disease. It is for patients like him that I wrote the post. I absolutely hated that I had to deliver such bad news. But as I say in the post, ALS patients deserve honesty, not hype.