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Lordy Lord Look at the Snow & It’s Only October

Roses are red. And frozen.
At least the pumpkin is happy.
A neighbor scurrying home.
Self portrait.
The trees haven't even really turned yet in NYC. Makes for dangerous trees -- branches falling from the weight of the snow on the leaves.
Taxi, take me to Florida, please!
Guess these tomatoes won't get harvested.
A shivering ghoul.
So many mums frozen.
And I thought this yard decor couldn't get more creepy.
It's kind of like he's saying "please, god, no snow." Or, "this winter is killing me, and it's only autumn!" Ha.
These poor gladioli aren't gonna survive today.
Our local grocery store tries to retain its tropical look.

No Me Gusta

As I do every morning, I just went to the home page of The New York Times to see what’s new in the world. Holy crap. My high from the inauguration lasted 48 hours, and just ended with the sound of a balloon releasing air and flying across the room, before landing limply and empty on the floor:

Microsoft Plans to Lay Off 5,000 Workers

Home Construction Ends Worst Year Since 1959

Sony Expects $3 Billion Loss for the Year

Dismal Economic News Drags Oil Prices Down

New Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected to 589K

Study Finds New Evidence of Warming in Antarctica

Falling Pound Raises Fears of Stagnation

Shares Fall on Housing Worries and Microsoft Layoffs