My work spans the editorial spectrum.

Long-form feature writing:

Most recent: Cosmopolitan Magazine, January 2016
Why Are American Women Dying in Childbirth?
After Joy Victory spent her daughter’s birth confused, sick and scared for her life, she decided to find out.
Need an organ? It helps to be rich
While the uninsured or poor can’t easily receive organs, they do donate them: As many as 25 percent of organs come from the uninsured. Is this ethical?

The Journal-News 
Meditation Controversy
With Transcendental Meditation followers trying to bring their program to New York City public schools, some are concerned about the evidence behind the group’s claims.

Short-form:, Deputy Managing Editor, 2016-present 

Alternative medicine topics


Alzheimer’s disease

Pregnancy and parenting


Cancer screening

Heart disease


Stem cells

General medical research & news media criticism


Center for Health Journalism 


Environmental Defense Fund (on staff as digital editor from 2012-2016)
Examples of marketing copy writing, photo editing and content production for EDF: (freelance), Yahoo syndicated content: 5 Salary Secrets Your Company Won’t Tell You (staff): Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed (staff, many articles, here are two):
Texas’ Blood-Sucking Monster
That’s No Spider Bite: Antibiotic Resistant Staph Infections Now Very Common


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Environmental Defense Fund, staff
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